Active Ingredients for cosmetic industries

New Products

Category Name of Product Application
Enzyme Clean-multizyme plus [A + C + P + L + M] Detergents
Enzyme Clean Multizym [A + C + P + L ] Detergents
Enzyme Cleanzyme – P [Alkaline Protease] Detergents
Enzyme Cleanzyme – L [Alkaline Lipase] Detergents
Enzyme Cleanzyme – C [Alkaline Cellulase] Detergents
Enzyme Cleanzyme – A [Alkaline Amylase] Detergents
Enzyme Cleanzyme – M [Alkaline Mannanase] Detergents
Enzyme Bromelain Cosmetics
Enzyme Peppin Cosmetics, Food and Others
General RM Talc Personal Care Products
General RM Mica Make -Up and Other Cosmetics
General RM Aluminium Magnesium Metasilicate Make -Up and Other Cosmetics
General RM Lanolin High end Cosmetics
Silicones Simethicone USP/BP Activated Dimethocone USP
  Simethicone Emulsion 30%  
Natural Curcumin Extract  
Natural Tetra Hydro Curcumin  
Natural Anti   Wrinkle  Complex  
Natural Anti  Ageing  Complex  
Natural Anti   Stretch  Mark  Complex  
Natural Tension   Free  Complex  
Natural Under  Eye  Complex  
Natural Hair   Vitalizer   Complex  
Natural Fairness   Complex  
Natural Sunscreen  Complex  
Natural Clear   Spot  Complex  
Natural Anti  dandruff  Complex  
Natural Anti  Acne   Complex  
Natural Skin  glow  Complex  
Natural Skin  Firming  Complex  

Cosmetic Ingredients, Oral Care Products

Sr. No. Category Name of Product Application
1 Sun Care Avo Benzone Broad Spectrum Uv-a Filter
2 Sun Care Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate Category-1 Uv-b Filter
3 Sun Care Octyl Salicylate Absorber For Low Spfs-water Soluble Uv-b Filter
4 Sun Care Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Sunscreen & Antiaging Formulations
5 Sun Care Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid ( PBSA ) Water Soluble Uv-a And Uv-b Filter
6 Sun Care Benzophenone - 3 Oil soluble Uv -a and Uv -b Filter
7 Sun Care Benzophenone - 4 Water Soluble Uv-a And Uv-b Filter
8 Sun Care Ethyl Hexyl Triazone ( EHT ) UV Booster
9 Sun Care Octocrylene  
10 Antibacterial Triclosan Skin care and Oral Care
11 Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Base Anti-bacterial for Mouthwash & Hand sentiser
12 Antibacterial Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20% solution Anti-bacterial for Mouthwash & Hand sentiser
13 Antibacterial 3,4,4 – Trichlorocarbanilide ( TCC ) Antibacterial  for Soaps and Detergent
14 Antibacterial Para Chloro Meta Xylenol ( PCMX) Personal Care, industrial care
15 Antibacterial Chlorphenesin suitable for Leav On and Rinse off applications
16 Disinfectant Cetrimide Personal Care and Industrial Products
17 Hair Care Zinc Pyrithione Broad Spectrum Anti-dandruff Agent
18 Hair Care Minoxidil Anti-fungal Agent For Transparent Shampoo
19 Hair Care Pyrrolidinyl diaminopyrimidine oxide ( Pdpo ) Hair Growth Active
20 Hair Care Pirocton Olamine Anti Dandruff Agent for Transparent Shampoo
21 Hair Care Guar Gum Powder Shampoo & Conditioner
22 Preservatives Butylcarbamate  1,2 Hexanediol Preservative Active
23 Preservatives Methyl paraben EP / Preservative Active
24 Preservatives Propyl Parabrn EP / USP Preservative Active
25 Preservatives Butyl Paraben EP / USP Preservative Active
26 Preservatives Methyl Paraben Sodium EP / USP Preservative Active
27 Preservatives Propyl Paraben Sodium EP / USP Preservative Active
28 Balm Capssacin  
29 Neutracuticals Dried Powder of fruites and Vegetables